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The Soto family of opticians has served the  community since 1949 as a full-service luxury eye-wear, sun wear and accessory store in the heart & soul of downtown Sarasota. Always on the forefront of optical technology, Soto's Optical continues to showcase emerging brands, styles and craftsmanship.

"Many of our clients have been coming in for over 40 year's." say's Ron Soto, Third Generation Owner. "In a time when a lot of stores are cutting their quality back, our interest remains in offering top-of-the-line quality frames and lenses that are fitted to your vision needs."

Having an on-site lab gives us control, accuracy and artistry. We personally cut and grind the lenses in a frame on every pair of glasses we sell. It's a bit “old school”, but that’s how personal Soto’s business is. We believe in doing one thing and doing it right.


Clear Vision Specialist in Sarasota Florida
Kim Soto, Owner Soto's Optical

Kim Soto has been working at Soto’s optical boutique since 1993 assisting her Husband Ron Soto. Looking for a pair of glasses, she will guide you through every single step of the way.  She is a great listener and very understanding of what you are looking for, her kindness and honest opinion will make sure you walk out with a pair of glasses you truly love.

Kim divides her time between Soto’s Optical and her Personal Trainer Business.  Her passion for motivation and helping people reach their goals to be fit is fascinating.  She is such a thoughtful woman and has a great positive impact on everyone around her

Meet JR

Ron with dog

There’s a sweet-natured black Lab JR, who lazes our store floor, taking it easy while his master is taking care of customers and doing the various tasks he has to do each day.  and customize the text."

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