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Soto’s Optical Boutique: Sarasota’s Readers’ Choice!

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Soto’s Optical Boutique has been operating as a luxury eyewear shop in Sarasota since 1949. They have recently won the Sarasota’s Readers’ Choice Award in 2022, taking their collection to over 21 awards.

Sarasota is home to several thriving businesses. It fosters their growth and lauds their performance by hosting the Herald-Tribune Readers’ Choice Awards every year, where people vote for their favorite local businesses. This gives the commendable business the right pat on the back to keep doing better and continue giving their users what they like best. These awards are bestowed to the best brands in each industry.

Keeping up with its impressive line of 21 Readers’ Choice Awards, Soto’s Optical Boutique has done it again! Amongst the luxury eyewear options here at Sarasota, Soto’s Optical Boutique clearly stands out as the winner yet again.

It is this very accreditation that keeps local businesses going. Sarasota, as a community, is known for promoting their own brands that are bred and born here. This allows the local business community to perform well to live up to peoples’ expectations. It is heartening to see that these businesses began on a small-scale but expanded into widely known and flourishing businesses based on their hard work and consistent quality. This is the same unfettered determination that has made Soto’s Optical Boutique into what it is today.

Ron Soto, owner of the luxury eyewear shop, fondly recalls when he used to go help his dad out at one of his shops after school. After his 4-year apprenticeship in 1976, he gained the title of a licensed optician. That’s when he joined his family-run business full time. Despite Soto Optical Boutique’s immense success, as evident by over 20 Readers’ Choice Awards, Ron Soto still personally puts the frame on every pair of glasses he sells. Although he lightheartedly calls it ‘old-school’, it is this very personalized service that has maintained this optical store’s stature in Sarasota.

Located on 1383 Main Street, Sarasota, Soto’s Optical Boutique is arguably Sarasota’s Best Optical Boutique that offers an exclusive range of handcrafted eyewear for both men and women. They have been consistently serving and delivering top quality products to customers for almost 75 years, even during a time when several similar brands were cutting back on quality.

The owners are dedicated to providing tailored service to each customer who walks in the store and tend to their optical problem by fitting their glasses with top-of-the-line frames and lenses. Kim, Mahsa, and Ron strongly believe in quality and luxury as a timeless trend, so they incorporate that finesse into every piece of eyewear they sell.

It is perhaps this dedication to nothing but the best that has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry, allowing them to stand at par with high-end brands like Porsche, Ray Ban and Jacques Marie Mage.

With the newfound award in 2021, Soto Optical Boutique extends its gratitude to all those who voted for them and their continuous support. They promise to serve their customers with the same passion and zeal they had at their inception in 1949.


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